Protest on 21 May at high noon

CMKOS and its affiliated trade unions have planned a protest on Tuesday 21 May 2024 against the changes to the Labour Code and pension arrangements by the current government. We will meet at 12 noon in Malostranské náměstí in Prague.

We are protesting against

  • Dismissals without giving a reason. Such a measure will help no one and may harm many. It is unacceptable to further worsen the situation of employees. It is unacceptable for the Labour Code to open the door to discrimination.
  • Abolishing guaranteed wages. Guaranteed wages take account of the difficulty of the work and their abolition is unfair. We reject the policy of cheap labour.
  • Extension of probationary periods is just another tool to increase workers’ insecurity. Even after 3 months, workers will not know if they will be counted on in the future.
  • Shortening the notice period would mean that redundant employees will have much less time to find a new job. This is another worsening of their position.
  • Extending the retirement age. It is unacceptable to keep increasing the retirement age endlessly. This is also because the healthy life expectancy in Czech society is just over 61 years. In addition, Czech workers spend much more time at work during their working lives than is the case in developed European countries.

We are calling for

  • investment in modernisation,
  • an end to the policy of cheap labour,
  • pro-worker policies, not anti-worker policies.

Do not be indifferent to what is happening right now. 

Come and support us. Together we are stronger.

Please let us know on Facebook that you will be attending the protest and spread the word. You can find the Facebook event here.

Information materials in Czech can be found here.