How to join/start a union

The easiest way to become a trade unionist is to join an existing trade union organisation.

Find out if your employer already has a trade union organisation. If it does, contact it and ask to become a member. You should be informed about the existence of unions at your employer when you start work. The employer has a duty to make the new employee acquainted with the collective bargaining agreement. If the employer fails to do so, contact your colleagues.

If there is no trade union organisation at your workplace, start one! Contact one of our unions – they will provide you with assistance and administrative and legal services in setting up an organisation. You can choose the appropriate union according to the predominant sector in which your employer operates.

What to keep in mind when starting a trade union organisation?

  • Don’t be afraid and don’t let anyone discourage you!
  • Your employer cannot prohibit you from forming a union.
  • The union is not required to disclose the names of its members. (Union membership is sensitive personal information.)
  • You cannot be disadvantaged by your employer for being a member of a union.
  • The employer has a duty to create conditions for trade union activity.