Who we are

The Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (Českomoravská konfederace odborových svazů, ČMKOS) is the largest trade union headquarters in the Czech Republic. Our mission is mainly to defend the labor, economic, social and other rights and interests of employees at the national level. We promote the demands of the members of the confederation in relation to the state, local authorities and employers. We cooperate with trade union headquarters abroad and with international institutions. 

The main principles of the work of the ČMKOS are:  

  • independence from state authorities, administration and self-government, employers’ organizations, political parties and movements,
  • democratic principles of action and decision-making,
  • unification of interests, inter-union and international solidarity,
  • respect for and promotion of common objectives. 

We unite 31 trade unions: 

What do we do for our members (trade unions)?  

  • We intervene in the development and implementation of social policy, including care for pensioners. 
  • We intervene in the development and implementation of employment policy.  
  • We produce analyses and forecasts. 
  • We represent trade union interests in the negotiation of new legislation. 
  • We train occupational safety and health (OSH) inspectors to monitor the state of occupational safety and health in the workplace and draw attention to deficiencies. 
  • We promote the principles of equal treatment. 
  • We coordinate joint collective bargaining activities. 
  • We provide free legal assistance and advice. 
  • We help to promote the activities of individual unions. 
  • We cooperate with foreign trade union headquarters and international organizations.   

As the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions, we make an important contribution to defending the basic protective role of the Labour Code, especially through bargaining and social dialogue.