Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions

Voluntary, open, independent, democratic confederation of trade unions protecting wage, working and living conditions and rights of employees
Important social partner in tripartite negotiations in the framework of the Council of Economic and Social Agreement of the Czech Republic
Operates in the regions of the Czech Republic through Regional Councils of Trade Unions (RROS) and Offices for Legal Assistance
Member of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and of the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC)

Some of the CMKOS Concerns About the Recent Economic and Social Developments in the Czech Republic

  • Zveřejněno: 13.04.2012

The Czech Government responded to the economic crisis by massive cuts at the expenditure side of the State budget, in particular by cuts in social systems, not increasing the minimum wage (the last increase was made in 2007), reduction of both salaries and numbers of employees in public services and public administration. Entirely absent are measures aimed at supporting economic growth and/or maintaining the purchasing power of the population. The Czech trade unions feel that such policies are harmful and that the measures adopted cannot lead to any success in dealing with the crisis: rather the crisis will become deeper still. Therefore, we prepared our own set of proposals the aim of which is to prevent a further increase of sovereign debt and to embark on a path of economic growth.

In the area of employ…

The CMKOS calls upon all citizens to resist the policies of the current Czech anti-social Government

  • Zveřejněno: 21.03.2012

In the past period the CMKOS has been leading a number of negotiations and debates on all levels - mostly without positive results. The Czech Government lost the confidence of the public, even of its own voters. The Government ignores and belittles all actions of trade unions, citizen initiatives, citizens. The CMKOS sees the present situation as totally unacceptable. Therefore the CMKOS calls upon the Government to stop its reforms immediately. If this is not done then the Government should resign.

The CMKOS offers organisational, expert and logistic base for coordination of joint steps of all citizens initiatives and social organisations.

The CMKOS Council at its session on 19th march 2012 established the Coordinating Committee the task of which will be to immediately convene the meeting of the representatives of all trade union and other organisations and initiatives with the am to coordinate future joint steps.

The CMKOS will convene also the representatives of its regional councils for preparation of regional meetings which will be topped by a protest action on 21st April 2012 in Prague.

The Government disappointed us completely - CMKOS submits valid proposals

  • Zveřejněno: 30.11.2011

The Czech Republic is at the beginning of a new round of economic crisis. Signals from the economic environment are unambiguous. Even the Ministry of Finance announced in its latest forecast in October a marked slowdown of the expected economic growth (contrary to the figure on which the approved State budget is based). The Ministry came to this conclusion full three months later than CMKOS but we have to be grateful, nevertheless.
Czech trade unions have often been wrongly accused of not offering any meaningful proposals. CMKOS therefore intends to put forward the following proposals and demands and submit them to a joint meeting to be held with the Government and employers representatives.

Transport workers' strike on 16th June

  • Zveřejněno: 20.06.2011

The strike held on the whole day 16th June 2011 stopped all railway transport in the Czech Republic and a large part of public transport in some of the big cities, for instance in Prague and Brno. 

The strike was supported by a trade union rally held the same day in Prague convened by the CMKOS and the Association of Autonomous Trade Unions. Its participants were not only trade unionists but also representatives of civic initiatives and general public. 

Trade union actions against Governmental reforms on 16th June

  • Zveřejněno: 14.06.2011

The strike of transport unions will be supported by a trade union rally to be held in at 9,00 on 16th June on Palackého náměstí in Prague, convened by the CMKOS and the Association of Autonomous Trade Unions. The event will also offer the public and civic initiatives a possibility to express their solidarity with the strikers.