27 November 2023: Day of Protests “For a Better Future of the Czech Republic”

At midnight on 31 October we ended the strike alert. On 27 November 2023, we declare the Day of Protests “For a Better Future of the Czech Republic”.

It is necessary to speak out. We cannot just stand by.
What are the main reasons for the Day of Protests?
  • a fundamental deterioration in the living standards of workers and their families
  • government action on pensions
  • the government’s reluctance to lower the retirement age for demanding professions
  • the fundamental threat of energy price increases
  • the unacceptable decline in real wages and salaries over the last many years
  • the effects of the so-called consolidation package that we have warned about

On 7 November 2023 at 3 p.m., the ČMKOS chairman will inform Czech President Petr Pavel of the reasons for the ČMKOS action. He will ask for a response aimed at protecting those most affected by the current situation.

ČMKOS and its member unions call on Senators to consider amending the consolidation package to mitigate its major negative impact on employees and their families.

There will be a series of protests on 11/27/2023:

  • Five unions will stage a one-hour warning strike.
  • Many other forms will be used to express our support for the strikers, but also our disapproval of the current government’s actions.

We will keep you informed about specific actions.

We appeal to all trade union members, employees and the general public to join our activities.

Your future is at stake too.