21st May Protest Cancelled

In the light of the events that took place yesterday in Slovakia and in view of the heated situation in the Czech Republic, we have decided to contribute to calming the situation by cancelling the demonstration planned for 21 May 2024. We are doing so after a discussion with our Slovak colleagues from the Confederation of Trade Unions of the Slovak Republic, who described the current situation in Slovakia to us today.

The Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions has always and under all circumstances preferred to improve the situation in the Czech Republic through consensus and social dialogue. Therefore, we ask the Prime Minister to meet with the presidents of the ČMKOS affiliated trade unions so that we can discuss the topics that were to be the subject of the protest and thus demonstrate to the public that such an approach is not only possible, but also more effective than escalating tensions. We believe that both the government and the social partners, as well as our members, will appreciate this, and that we will meet together at the negotiating table very soon. Let us ourselves be an example that it can be done.

The reasons for calling a demonstration are still valid and are very serious and important to us for the future. Let us negotiate about them as soon as possible.