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Important social partner in tripartite negotiations in the framework of the Council of Economic and Social Agreement of the Czech Republic
Operates in the regions of the Czech Republic through Regional Councils of Trade Unions (RROS) and Offices for Legal Assistance
Member of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and of the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC)

When will Czech wages be comparable to the developed EU?

  • Zveřejněno: 04.11.2019

We are bringing you a new study of Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions focused on economic convergence.

The present study builds on the basic programme documents of ČMKOS drafted and released in the recent years. In the study, the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions comprehensively formulates its negative attitude towards the current economic model of the Czech Republic and also comes up with a proposal for its fundamental change.  

ČMKOS considers the economic model of low-cost economy that has been enforced in the Czech Republic since the beginning of the 90‘s of the last century as a malicious model, a model which makes the real convergence of the Czech Republic to developed countries impossible, a model of a dependent developing country.

Press release: Record profits of KBC’s Czech bank, ČSOB, come with lowest-ever wage growth and employee bullying

  • Zveřejněno: 04.04.2018

ČMKOS fully supports the efforts of ČSOB trade unions to achieve an adequate wage increase, especially given the huge profits of the bank. KBC’s Czech bank, CSOB, raised its net profit by 16 percent to 17.52 billion CZK (€692.49 million) last year, is one of the best results for a bank operating in the Czech Republic. In the years 2012 to 2016, ČSOB earned over 70 billion CZK (€2.76 billion).


However, this success is not reflected at all in the remuneration of employees. The trade union organization (Modern Unions ČSOB) demand of 15% wage growth was met with stubborn intransigence on the part of the bank’s management. Efforts to negotiate a collective agreement failed, and the dispute ended up before a mediator. The unions are principally concerned about the low-earning employees. The public is unaware that in the banking sector some employees earn as little as 16,000 CZK (€632) per month gross.


"This is an example of a multinational company that generates enormous profits in the Czech Republic at the expense of our employees. ČMKOS will support, within the European trade union structures, the ČSOB Modern Unions’ effort to draw the attention of KBC, the parent company, to this approach. We also need to draw attention to and condemn the bullying practices towards trade union representatives that ČSOB’s leadership employs." said ČMKOS president, Josef Středula.

Condolence to our Spanish sisters and brothers

  • Zveřejněno: 18.08.2017

To our Spanish sisters and brothers:

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

On behalf of Czech workers, the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions expresses horror and
deep sorrow over the victims of terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. We stand in solidarity primarily
with those who are still fighting for their lives, with those who will bear the results of injuries for the
rest of their lives, with the families who lost their loved ones, with their friends and colleagues – our
brothers and sisters, trade union colleagues, our friends.

We admire the openness and staunchness Spanish citizens and society are showing in these days.
We believe your democracy and its institutions to prove to be resilient enough not to succumb to such acts of desperate and senseless violence.

We have to stay united shoulder by shoulder and carry on pursuing our common goals of peace,
solidarity and democracy. This is the only answer to these terrific events.

Our thoughts are fully with you.

Josef Středula, ČMKOS President

#EndofCheapLabour Manifestation Meeting

  • Zveřejněno: 09.09.2016

A year ago, CMKOS launched a campaigned with a clear and resolute slogan: “End of Cheap Labour”. The purpose of the campaign was to encourage trade union negotiators and give them arguments supporting their demands of wage growth.

On September 7th, 2016 CMKOS organized a manifestation meeting in Prague attended by nearly a thousand trade unionists from all regions and sectors. International support was manifested by Jozef Kollár, president of the Slovak trade union confederation, Catelene Passchier, vice-president of Dutch FNV, and Marcus Schlimbach from DGB.

What are the results of the first year of the CMKOS’ campaign? The average wage grew by 4.4 % (3.9 % in real terms), which is the highest increase in 9 years, and trade unions played an important role.

CMKOS is raising awareness about the wage convergence, which is happening at an unacceptably slow pace. The calculations from last year show that if the Czech wages grow the way they did in the previous ten years the Czech Republic will catch up with Germany in 100 years.

This is why the End of Cheap Labour campaign continues. CMKOS recommends its negotiators to demand 5 – 5.5 % wage growth in 2017.

Vision of the Economic Strategy Change in the Czech Republic

  • Zveřejněno: 10.02.2016

What are the causes of a long-term conservation of low wages in the Czech Republic? Why is a change in the profile of Czech economy an absolute necessity? Are there ways out of the cheap labour trap? Why do we keep lagging behind in the labour productivity? We present a coherent analysis published by CMKOS on 19 November 2015.