• Zveřejněno: 01.10.2015

has been the largest trade union centre in the Czech Republic since 1994. Based on principles of a voluntary, open and independent confederation grouping, it consists of 29 professional unions, has over 300,000 members and is one of the most important non-governmental organisations in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, it is a member of the Council of Economic and Social Agreement of the Czech Republic, i.e. the tripartite body which also includes employers and the Government. Here it plays an active role in defending economic and social interests of Czech employees.

When defending the position and interests of trade union members, the CMKOS, faithful to its tradition, always prefers the social dialogue as the most natural way to put forward the demands of its members. It considers the strike to be a last resort. Since 1994 there have been only three nationwide strikes in the Czech Republic. The CMKOS was more active as regards organising of nationwide demonstrations in protest against various Government´s steps affecting and doing harm to employees. There have been nine actions of this kind.

The CMKOS regards itself as the so-called reformist trade unions, which is an orientation chosen by most trade union centres in democratic countries. The CMKOS is affiliated with the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) to the OECD.

Co-operation within the framework of the International Labour Organisation, a unique global tripartite organisation, is another important part of the CMKOS international activities. Its main objective is to strive for respecting internationally accepted human and labour rights.

The CMKOS contributed substantially to defending and preserving the protective role of the Labour Code; trade unions had to face a long-term pressure aimed at liberalisation of labour law and deterioration of the employees´ rights.

Czech employees profit significantly from the collective bargaining conducted in companies by trade union committees of the unions affiliated with the CMKOS. Wage increases and other benefits included in collective agreements apply to all employees of the company whether or not they are trade union members.