• Zveřejněno: 11.06.2011

The Coalition published a Declaration stipulating among other that these reforms - in contradiction with the Governmental programme - will deepen the debt of the Czech Republic, worsen the situation of most of the Czech citizens and cause the privatization of public services. 

Trade unions presented many proposals and analyses in the framework of tripartite negotiations pointing out the risks and negative impacts of these reforms. They asked repeatedly the Prime Minister and the Government to assure the necessary consensus in the society.
The Government does not explain to the public why the reforms should be implemented only by cuts and restrictions, does not react to the relevant proposals of trade unions and refused to adopt reforms on wider consensus basis.
The Coalition of Transport Trade Unions used all possibilities of negotiations and therefore declares the strike against unfair, insidious reforms, damaging most of citizens.
The Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions supports fully the strike and declares the strike emergency expressing by this way its support. The CMKOS calls once again upon the Government not to be indifferent to destiny of millions of people for whom reforms will worsen their living standard.