• Zveřejněno: 22.09.2010

Statement of the CMKOS: Demonstration against drastic cuts in salaries!

You today, We Tomorrow!

The Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions expresses its full support and solidarity to its affiliates from state administration and public services in their decision to demonstrate on 21st September 2010 against drastic cuts in their salaries.
The CMKOS already when analysing the Policy Statement of the Government and draft state budget for 2011 strongly declared that it would not remain silent to ill-considered impacts on employees.
The first to be affected are policemen, firemen, civil servants, workers in health and social services, in education, culture, transport, civilian workers of the army, soldiers, prison service, employees of courts of justice.
The politicians again do not address the securing of collection of necessary income to the state budget. The CMKOS strongly points this out in its analyses. We also do not wish the state to put next generations into debts. However, it is not possible to solve the deficit of public finances, caused by former governments competing in reduction of taxes, by drastic cuts in employees' incomes.
We know that your endangered future is a beginning of restrictions which may hit everybody. We do not wish our security, quality of health service to be put under threat, we do not want unprofessional state administration and weakening of fundamental functions of the state.
Only through joint and mutual solidarity we can withstand further lack of competency of the Government that wants to mend the gaps in the budget at the cost of liquidation of middle class employees. Together we must prevent the Czech Republic to become a country with low price of labour.
We appeal to the Government to aim its "budgetary accountability" to restricting the outflow of financial means from the state budget and to addressing its income side.
Prague, 20th September 2010