• Zveřejněno: 20.11.2012

Demonstrations Are the Beginning of Change!

From the declaration of participants of the protest demonstration in Prague, 17th November 2012.

We are standing on Prague Wenceslas Square again.

Here we demanded the end of bad reforms and demonstrated why this Government does not deserve the trust of citizens, who suffer most by the impact of its rule.

The response to our protests and to the results of regional and Senate elections was pushing through the pension reform, further increase of prices, planned liquidation of public health care and so on, and all that also thanks to a vote of a Member of the Parliament connected with a corruption scandal.

Rude unscrupulousness, lack of responsibility and sky-high hypocrisy surpassing acceptable limits - this is the picture of the present Government.

It is a Government which rules aggressively and without any dialogue with the society and which has increased the sovereign debt of the country by record 320 billion Czech crowns during last two years.

The stagnation and decline of real wages are the highest in last ten years and the Government may "boast" more than half a million unemployed.

During last two years more than a million and a half of seizures of property of citizen's households were ordered.
The overdosed restrictive measures undermine the Czech economy and bring about own crisis.

Corruption, bribes in billions, misappropriations, political scandals, overcharged public orders, poisoned alcohol - that all has become the day-to-day agenda.

As expressed in the words of writer Lenka Procházková:

In the name of justice they commit injustice,
In the name of morality they defend immorality,
In the name of law they break law,
In the name of truth they dispense lie,
Under the name of honour they act dishonourably
In the name of good they serve to evil.

In the Czech history 17th November is connected with the struggle of students for freedom in the war year 1939 as well as with struggle for democracy in November 1989.

This year 17th November is the day of fight against policies ignoring interests of public, against "flat democracy" when the citizens become just an instrument allowed to throw the ballot into the box once in four years.

However, by ignoring the citizens' voice and opinion the Government does not contribute to calming the society, but to the contrary. And this is what we warn against. We do not want any violence, we want wisdom, respect for citizens and genuine dialogue.

We repeat what we said to the Government on the demonstration of more than one hundred thousand participants on 21st April 2012:

We do not want to pay the debts of your rule and we already accepted your resignation.

Prague, Wenceslas Square, 17th November 2012