• Zveřejněno: 23.05.2011

 We are standing again on Wenceslas Square in Prague where the Czech people assembled many times at critical moments of their history.

Due to the irresponsible rule of the Government people lost their confidence in Government's moral and professional ability to implement reforms for the benefit of citizens of the Czech Republic.

The corruption in our country has reached such a level that it puts under risk the fundaments of the state of law and democracy.

The Government is not able to prevent theft of money from public budgets.

The reforms of health care, taxation, pension and social systems are ill-conceived, shoddy, ideologically biased and lack any analyses of their impact on citizens. Their aim is to put health service, pensions and social care into the service of profit.

The reason why the senseless cuts in expenditures do not help to remedy the state budget is the fact that the Government through hazardous reduction of taxes in the past destroyed its income side.

And therefore:

We reject your pension robbery - the reform bringing benefits only to private pension funds.

We reject payments for the so called "over standard" in health service that would mean that majority of citizens would have to limit themselves to health care of the lowest level.

We reject the Government's contempt for public opinion and social dialogue.

We reject the so called reforms deepening the debts of the country. We reject that the employees would become taxation beasts of burden shouldering the main load of tax increases.

We reject further chopping off the employees' rights in the Labour Code.

We reject liquidation of employees' benefits while politicians take advantage of benefits paid by our taxes.

We reject this Government of budget irresponsibility.

We do not want to be citizens of the third category at home or in Europe. We are determined to fight for our rights consistently.

Prague, 21st May 2011