• Zveřejněno: 10.05.2011

The reforms will completely change our lives.
Employees, seniors, patients and handicapped will become sponsors of ruling elites.

  • Pensions, health and social care will be denationalized and made to serve for profit.
  • Majority of citizens will lose last guarantees as for instance quality and accessible health care and decent life in the old age.
  • Employees will become tax beasts of burden.

Employees' benefits will be eliminated.

  • Three million employees will lose lunch vouchers, tens of thousands of workers in catering will lose their jobs, restaurants' owners their business.
  • The proposed tax abatement of 250 CZK (10€) a month will not cover the contributions for catering and 600 thousand workers with the lowest incomes will not be able to apply this abatement as they do not pay taxes.

It will be us who will pay the great pension robbery.

  • Pensions will not be the adequate substitution of wage for pensioners any more - as it is now under the current pay as you go system based on solidarity. The Government is sinking down this cheapest and the most reliable protection of citizens in the old age. The pension account got into the deficit mainly due to the fact that during last four years the amount of contributions to social insurance was reduced six times.
  • The Government will balance the losses in pay as you go system by increased VAT rate (our money) and means thus gained will be transferred to private capital funds where the investment risks will be borne by future pensioners.

Only the rich will be healthy.

  • The introduction of managed medical treatment and paid "over standard" will make the patients to pay for every treatment. Already now majority of citizens does not have enough money for that.