• Zveřejněno: 13.04.2011

Open your eyesThe tax reform is absurd and shocking

According to the concepts of the Governmental coalition (ODS, TOP 09 and VV) the employees would become literally tax beasts of burden. Substantial tax allowances for entrepreneurs and self-employed will be paid by the increase in taxation of employees. For instance the tax burden of an employee on average wage will monthly increase by CZK 1094 (approximately by 40€). The "reform" will lead to considerably disadvantaged position of the employees vis-a-vis self-employed and to big expansion of false self-employment. The difference of levies and taxes between employees and self-employed with average wage will increase to 3087 CZK per month (approximately 126 €).

The pension reform will bring benefit especially to private pension funds

The government wants to increase prices of basic life needs by increasing the VAT to 17.5%. The only reason for that is to transfer at least 20 billion CZK from the current pay as you go system into private pension funds every year, without any guarantee of the size of future pensions. The Government wants to save the pension system, while sinking it down at the same time. The pension account got into the deficit mainly due to the fact that during last four years the amount of contributions to social insurance was reduced six times. And by the above opt-out the Government will weaken the pension account again - by the 20 billion CZK mentioned above. The CMKOS rejects opt-out and proposes not to weaken the pay as you go system, which is clearly sustainable. The CMKOS does not agree with creation of a new private pillar with the state support while one such already exists - additional pension insurance with the state contribution. On the contrary, we propose to reform this additional insurance.

A reform of health service, or the treatment by patients' participation?

Overpriced medicaments, distorted economy of Czech health service, black holes through which billions are drained away are not of much interest for the health service reformers. The only thing they are interested in is how much more money they will draw from the patients' pockets. The planned introduction of forced participation of citizens on covering health care costs is called by the Government "an opening of possibility to legally make additional pay". How? The introduction of managed medical treatment and paid "over standard" will make the patients to pay for every treatment above the standard. Already now every sixth crown of health service's revenue comes form the patients' participation and the Government is decided to substantially increase this share.