• Zveřejněno: 03.10.2012

 The CMKOS and its affiliates join the WDDW actions by their campaign for pushing through their Vision 2012. Its aim is to restore economic growth, assure quality jobs, prevent cuts in public finances and far-reaching anti-social reforms of the pension system, health care, social services, education, etc. This should prevent the destroying of the basis of solidarity and social cohesion, increase of poverty and social exclusion and overall reduction of living standards of majority of Czech population.

In its Vision the trade unions present a number of concrete proposals and believe that through an active economic policy a number of corrections of the present adverse development can be achieved, so that the crisis impacts on the living standards of wide population are the smallest possible and at the same time the competitiveness of Czech producers increases.
Therefore the CMKOS Assembly appeals to the Czech Government to take the CMKOS proposals with full seriousness and responsibility, and to adopt all future important decisions on the basis of a genuine social dialogue and wide consensus of the whole society.